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Freya Ring

Freya Ring

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Snabb Leverans & Enkla Returer 12 Månader Garanti Livstidsgaranti På Färgen


NOTE - Four weeks delivery time 

Freja personifies feminine beauty and timeless elegance by reflecting the harmony between gold and sustainable lab-grown diamonds.

With 44 sparkling diamonds adorned around the entire ring, this piece of jewelry adds sophisticated brilliance to your everyday life.

Let the dazzling shine of the Freja ring always bring a sense of elegance and glamour, no matter where you go.


  • Diamond type: Sustainable lab-grown diamonds
  • Cut: Excellent
  • Color: D-F
  • Carat: 0.33 (Carat per stone: 0.0076)
  • Clarity: Plumbing-VS
  • Shape: Brilliant
  • Precious metal: Recycled 14k gold
  • Ring width: 1.4mm
  • Designed with passion in Sweden
  • Carefully handcrafted in Spain


Freja ring and Mia Hoops are a match made in heaven.

Complete your look with the amazing The Ella Necklace.

Estimated delivery is 4 weeks from order date.


Alla förpackningar som du får en Mockberg produkt i är FSC -certifierad och kommer från Danmark. Mockberg tar ansvar för en hållbar värld och har engagerat sig i ansvarsfull produktion och konsumtion. Vi har även en policy där vi jobbar mot att inte bidra med något avfall. När du köper en produkt från Mockberg så väljer du en produkt som har skapats med kärlek och ansvar.


Smycken - Vi har 1 års internationell garanti för tillverknings och materialfel. Vattentåliga smycken har livstids garanti på färgen.

Klockor - Vi har 2 års internationell garanti för tillverknings och materialfel.

Läs mer om garanti


Ring Size Guide

How to measure your ring size


What is 14K recycled gold?

Made from 100% recycled gold, created only from recycled materials without any newly mined gold. The production eliminates the need for additional mining which reduces the environmental impact. By choosing 100% recycled gold, you support sustainability and responsible purchasing, reduce waste and conserve resources. Choose jewelry that combines elegance and ethical sourcing.

Why choose 14K recycled gold?

When you choose 14K recycled gold, you help reduce the environmental impact of mining while making an important conscious luxury choice. Created with durability in mind, 14K gold jewelry stands the test of time and can then be passed on to future generations as an heirloom. Embrace its warm radiance and unique history, knowing you've chosen an eco-friendly option that exudes elegance.

What is the difference between 14K gold and 14K recycled gold?

Both 14K gold and 14K recycled gold share the same level of purity. The difference lies in the source method, with 14K recycled gold you make a more environmentally conscious choice. When you choose to buy a piece of jewelry that is not made from recycled gold, you are choosing a piece of jewelry made from newly mined gold. This can lead to a carbon footprint and leaves behind a negative impact on the environment. By choosing recycled yellow gold, you're making an environmentally friendly choice while embracing timeless beauty.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are grown through advanced technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process, creating diamonds with identical physical and chemical properties. These diamonds are not imitations; they are real diamonds that possess the same brilliance, clarity and durability as mined diamonds.

What is the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond?

Visually and chemically they are almost identical. The main difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is their origin. Natural diamonds form deep within the earth over billions of years, while lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment. However, lab-grown diamonds offer the advantage of being ethically and sustainably produced, as they eliminate the environmental impact and social unrest associated with traditional diamond mining.

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