Intervju med Åsa Ingrosso om Inner Goddess

Interview with Åsa Ingrosso about Inner Goddess

Where did you get the inspiration for the collection?

This with strong women is very close to my heart. So many out there who do not know and know that they can do anything they want. I really love when my fellow sisters take a seat and stand up for themselves .. and others. But! If you are strong, you must be kind and think that everything you do you must do with love. Feel free to be a plow but do not run over anyone in your way. Since then, I have always loved large, mammoth jewelry that is visible and takes up space. Unfortunately, they are difficult to carry. So I thought of a mid-range collection that is both wolverine and distinct without taking focus away from the one who wears it.

What has been the most fun in the design process?

Now .. right where we are now. When all is done, this collection still took almost a year to complete. As with all production, it is an incredibly hard job before you have the product in hand. You change, change, abandon and change again. I am extremely picky with details and that it should be as perfect as it can be. To stand here now and know that these jewelry will now move home to some magical woman. A mother who gets a tribute for being strong, a wife for always standing by someone's side. Or someone who just wants to remind herself that she can do anything. I can almost start crying because I get so moved. These pieces of jewelry mean more to me than just a piece of jewelry. It is intended to create both strength, bond and memories.

Choose your three favorites from the collection and justify why?

This is extremely difficult because everyone is really favorites. But now that I have carried the sample collection, BRAVE grew very strong on me. I live in my Brave earrings. The woman on the amulet is drawn by hand and I had an idea that she is the one wearing the jewelry. A way to gain strength. In fact, it's so for me. I also use that ring often and when I see "her" on the amulet I remember how I came here. Then I die for Power. That big stone is pure love for my slightly more glittery side. I like the straight, modern metal against the luxuriously glittery. The long Power necklace that sparkles in the neckline when you move. So nice! Yes and the rough bracelet of course. That together with one of them thin. Did I say more than three now? Haha ..

Which of the jewels did you use for a date night?

What a fun question. I immediately wanted to show that I am strong, fragile and soft at the same time so I probably say BRAVE. A bit bohemian cool but still modern. Earrings and the fat bracelet.

How does it feel to have released your own jewelery collection?

Fantastic fun. I made my own jewelry a lot of years ago but because I burned out I put down all creation for a while. It feels wonderful to now over 15 years later get g

ear jewelry again. I am very proud of this collection.

Are you a gold or silver person?

For many years I used only silver, later only gold. Now I actually mix a little. Which I think you can definitely do. But if I look at my skin tone, I probably fit best in gold. However, I love that the silver color of these jewelry looks more like white gold than silver.

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