Hello, my name is Elvira and I am the founder of Mockberg.

Our Mockberg journey began in my student apartment in 2015. When I was on my personal search for a stylish and affordable watch, I was disappointed that the selection was so poor. Traditional brands seemed to be stuck in a time loop with watches that featured similar designs as well as new models that lacked real quality. The female and more feminine watches were overwhelmed by pink and too many sparkling stones in their design. Out of this absence of female, feminine and classic watches, the first Mockberg watch was born.

Since then, it has been a journey of transformation for the feminine watch. Today, Mockberg is not only about watches. We have created unique jewelry that any woman can be proud to own.

Our mission? To create accessories that radiate luxury and last over time while the jewelry is affordable. We are pleased to announce that our lovingly created brand can be found at 500 retailers across Europe and Japan.

I am deeply humbled and grateful for the love I have received along this journey. Winning prestigious awards and being featured in high quality magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Kinfolk has been surreal. The road there has not been easy, but the passion for my brand and the overwhelming support from our customer base worldwide, has driven me forward. Every day I feel immense gratitude and that is what drives my desire to continue breathing elegance and seduction into every Mockberg product.

One of the basic values at Mockberg is our commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. Every Mockberg product you receive is packaged in FSC certified packaging and we strive to use recycled materials such as stainless steel and gold in all our production.

The big star in our Mockberg saga is the newly launched Signature collection. It is jewelry that is more than just a collection, but that makes a dream come true. With ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, these products become timeless to pass on to future generations. It is our proof of a sustainable future.