Mockberg was founded in Stockholm and is an ode to Scandinavian minimalism and design. With sustainability being one of the cornerstones of Scandinavian roots, we have taken up an unwavering commitment to responsible consumption and production. Ever since the inception, we have continually made efforts to refine our everyday process to adopt methods that help us make the world a better place.

We say it with a sense of pride that all of our packaging material is FSC Certified and is sourced from Demark. As a brand, we advocate a zero-waste policy and sell refurbished watches saved from day one under Mockberg Pre-Loved.                                         

With less than 7 years to take climate-effective action, Mockberg is determined to take the necessary steps. We have partnered with Planboo, a Stockholm-based startup offering a plant-based solution to planet pollution. They help consumers understand their personal carbon footprint and compensate for Co2 emissions caused by shipping.

How does Planboo work once you opt for climate-friendly delivery at checkout?
1. Planboo receives an email containing your email, product weight, and delivery postcode
2.Within 7 days you receive a thank you email with a link to the map showing your bamboo, Information about the grower, and an option to calculate your shipping emissions

Why Planboo and why Bamboo?
1.Bamboo is a pioneering species that grow on degraded soils on six out of seven continents across the world
2.Bamboo is the fastest CO2 absorbing plant in the world
3.Planboo connects the farmers to the global bamboo market providing a long-term sustainable source of income

Find out more about Planboo.

We analyze our everyday decisions to ensure our actions are kind to the environment and are striving every day to get better. When you choose Mockberg accessories, you choose a product that is curated with love and responsibility!