Peaceful Necklace Gold in fishline chain by Sanne

419 kr 699 kr


Limited Edition Collection by Sanne Alexandra.

Peaceful Necklace Gold -  Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. 

Color: Gold
Material: Brass
Size: 450mm±5mm
Plating: 18K Gold
SKU: MO757
Stone: Swarovski crystal
Chain: Fishline (plastic) 


A word from Sanne: I hope you like this collection as much as I do. I have always dreamt of designing my own jewellery collection and here we are, be careful what you wish for. I always think that every jewellery tells a story. My collection includes 8 earrings and one necklace and every piece has a unique purpose, just like You do. I want to remind you of that.

We all need small reminders in life that keeps us grounded and stay true to ourselves. If you’re planning on giving away a piece from this collection, think of what this special someone needs a little more of in her life.

Packing Material and Sustainability

All of Mockberg's packaging material is FSC Certified and is sourced from Demark. Mockberg as a brand is committed to responsible Production & Consumption and have adopted a zero-waste policy. When you choose Mockberg accessories, you choose a product that is curated with love and responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Jättefint halsband, blev dock besviken över att plast-kedjan är så lång!! Jag trodde att den skulle hamna i halsgropen som på bilderna men den hamnar långt nedanför det, kedjan måste hänga långt bak i nacken på dessa bilder tyvärr. Sen syns kedjan mer än vad den gör på bilderna också.

Gunilla Norén

Var väldigt enkelt, otydligt att ”kedjan” var i plast både på bild och i texten. Som för övrigt var lika med noll.

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