The story behind Mockberg begins in 2014 when our founder, Elvira was searching for a classic but feminine watch for herself – without any success. After weeks of scanning through stores, she gave up and got to the point where she decided to create what she thought was the perfect watch for a woman.

Our watches are handcrafted with exclusive materials, high quality movements and classic design. The watches are designed to rest easily on your wrist. The strap is connected high on the case which is slightly shaped as a bowl, a combination that gives you a feeling that the watch floats freely on your wrist and gives a three-dimensional impression removing friction of the strap agains the wrist. It’s the details that matter.

The name itself comes from Mockberget, a small mountain near Lake Siljan in Dalarna, middle of Sweden. Dalarna, which means “the valleys” in Swedish, has long been the home of Sweden’s jewelry makers.