Our story


Our Brand

The Swedish watch brand Mockberg finds its inspiration in the traditions of Swedish craftsmanship. The name itself comes from Mockberget, a small mountain near Lake Siljan in Dalarna, middle of Sweden. Dalarna, which means “the valleys” in Swedish, has long been the home of Sweden’s jewelry makers. Mockberg was founded with the vision to design accessories that combined traditional Swedish jewelry design, with todays modern Scandinavian minimalism and functionality.

Our Design

Our watches are handcrafted with exclusive materials, high quality movements and classic design. The watches are designed to rest easily on your wrist. The strap is connected high on the case which is slightly shaped as a bowl, a combination that gives you a feeling that the watch floats freely on your wrist and gives a three-dimensional impression removing friction of the strap agains the wrist. It’s the details that matter.


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Our Chief Designer

Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden you are taught design with your first steps entering this world. From the buildings, the Archipelago to our homes, furniture and wardrobes - all living in a symbios of minimalism. We are proud exporters of architecture, furniture and fashion with global brands setting the standards for great design. With Mockberg we saw the opportunity to expand on that mission to involve watches.



Elvira Eriksson