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This watch is an exclusive collaboration between Lars Wallin and Mockberg. Lars Wallin is perhaps Sweden's foremost clothing designer. He has been designing clothes for celebrities and royalty for over 30 years and is today a well-known name in the industry. Lars has a unique eye for design and is obsessed with creating perfection. Now he, together with us, has designed a watch where Scandinavian female design meets the more classic men's watch.

The result is a solid stainless steel watch. The case is curved and designed to rest comfortably on the wrist. The dial is created in three layers and ground in different materials, which creates a sophisticated and interesting expression. This is a new classic in the watch industry and a design to love.

Case: Stainless steel
Color of dial: Gold
Case size: 34x44 mm
movement: Miyota GL34
Glass: Rope and shock-resistant mineral glass
Bracelet: Gold-plated link bracelet in stainless steel
Water resistance: 3 AT
SKU: MO543

All link watches need to be adjusted to fit your wrist. You can do it yourself if you have the right tools and knowledge, but the most common is to take the watch to a watchmaker. Note that Mockberg does not bear the cost


All packaging that you receive a Mockberg product in is FSC-certified and comes from Denmark. Mockberg takes responsibility for a sustainable world and has engaged in responsible production and consumption. We also have a policy where we work towards not contributing any waste. When you buy a product from Mockberg, you choose a product that has been created with love and responsibility.

Warranty Information

We have a two-year international warranty for manufacturing and material defects.
Read more about warranty and maintenance advice

Questions and answers about products

Ring Size Guide

How to measure your ring size


Do Mockberg's jewelry or watches cause a nickel allergy?
No, but if you are very allergic, we do not recommend you to buy any metal jewelry.

How to shorten Mesh watches?
Step 1 Use a screwdriver or equivalent to loosen the lock.
Step 2 Slide the lock to adjust the length.
Step 3 Slide the lock back to attach the lock.

How do I shorten link clocks?
All link watches need to be adjusted to fit your particular wrist.
We recommend that you visit a watch retailer and ask them to help you shorten the strap.
Please note that Mockberg does not cover that cost.
If you want to do it yourself, you can buy a shortening tool here:

How do you take care of your Mockberg jewellery?

-Please store the jewelry in the supplied silk bag/box when you are not using it.
-Avoid contact with water (not water-resistant jewelry), chemicals such as perfume, skin cream, and hairspray.
-Do not store jewelry in the bathroom or other damp place.
-Remove your jewelry when sleeping, sunbathing, showering, or playing sports (not waterproof jewelry)
-Wait until you are completely dry before putting on your jewelry after showering, bathing, or after you smeared yourself (non-water-resistant jewellery)
-Note that if you take any medicine or dietary supplements, this can affect the jewelery based on what the body excretes.
-Wipe your jewelry after each use to remove dirt, make-up, salts, sebum, exhaust gases, etc.
- The jewelry is not alcohol-resistant. This means that you cannot use hand sanitizer while wearing this jewelry.

What does 3 ATM mean?

3 ATM on a watch stands for three atmospheres, which translates to basic protection against accidental splashes, rain, and handwashing, but not for swimming or diving.

What does 10 ATM mean?

10 ATM means a watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and recreational diving.

Can I buy watch bands to match my watch?
Mesh and link bracelets can order bands on our website under the category watch bands. If you need a leather bracelet for your watch, please contact one of our dealers.


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