Gemini / Tvilling

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Om Gemini / Tvilling

Det här halsbandet är för dig som är född i tvillingens tecken mellan 21 maj - 21 juni. Personer födda i tvillingens tecken är kvicka, kommunikativa, nyfikna, självständiga och modiga. Designen på halsbandet är inte en avbild av tvillingens stjärntecken, utan är inspirerat av stjärnorna i dess himlakropp. Halsbandet är tillverkat i 100% återvunnet silver.

Färg: Silver
Material: 100% återvunnet silver
Storlek: 40 cm
Plätering: Silver

All packaging in which you receive a Mockberg product is FSC-certified and comes from Denmark. Mockberg takes responsibility for a sustainable world and has committed itself to responsible production and consumption. We also have a policy where we work towards not contributing any waste. When you buy a product from Mockberg, you choose a product that has been created with love and responsibility.

We have a two-year international warranty for manufacturing and material defects.
Read more about warranty and care advice

Does Mockberg's jewelery or watches cause nickel allergy?
No, but if you are very allergic, we do not recommend buying any metal jewelery.

How to shorten Mesh watches?
Step 1 Use a screwdriver or equivalent to loosen the lock.
Step 2 Slide the lock to adjust the length.
Step 3 Slide the lock back to secure the lock.

How do I shorten link clocks?
All link watches need to be adjusted to fit your particular wrist.
We recommend that you visit a watch dealer and ask them to help you shorten the strap.
Please note that Mockberg does not bear that cost.
If you want to do it yourself, you can buy an shortening tool here:

How do you take care of your Mockberg jewelry?

-Please store the jewelery in the enclosed silk bag / box when not in use.
-Avoid contact with water, chemicals such as perfume, skin cream and hair spray.
Do not store jewelery in the bathroom or other damp space. -Remove your jewelry when you sleep, sunbathe, shower, or play sports.
-Wait until you are completely dry before putting on the jewelry after showering, bathing or after you have lubricated yourself.
-Note that if you eat any medicine or dietary supplement, this can affect the jewelry based on what the body excretes.
-Wipe your jewelry after each use to get rid of dirt, makeup, salts, sebum, exhaust fumes etc.

I am an Influencer, who do I send my collaboration request to?
Contact us here and we will make sure that you end up with the right person!

Is it free return?
Yes, read more about it here !

Can I buy watch bracelets that fit my watch?
Yes, you can order bands on our website under the category watch bracelets .
If you do not know which bracelet that fits your watch, you are welcome to ask us . We have updated the designs over the years, if you have an older watch, you can therefore need a special band.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nathalie Thiel

Bra längd på smycket. Enkelt vardagssmycke.

Louise Rander

Perfekt vardagssmycke, lagom längd och fina detaljer som tex den lilla silverbrickan med Mockberg på.


Gemini / Tvilling

Isabella Wihlborg
Snygg detalj

Smycken kan handla om så mycket. Hur man uttrycker sig, vad man tycker om, om man vill synas eller om man mormors halsband av nostalgi. Detta halsbandet kommer jag välja att bära när det bara saknas den där lilla snygga detaljen för att man ska känna sig fin i vardagen!
Det har en betydelse då det är kopplat till mitt stjärntecken. Samtidigt som det är snyggt, enkelt, tidlöst och bara en fin detalj! Passar mig och min vardag perfekt! Lagom lång kedja och väldigt nätt halsband!

Perfekt present

Köpte halsbandet i present till min bästis, hon blev så glad! Kvaliten var super, kommer definitivt köpa igen <3

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