Questions and answers

How to shorten Mesh watches?
Step 1 Use a screwdriver or equivalent to loosen the lock.
Step 2 Slide the lock to adjust the length.
Step 3 Push the lock back to attach the lock.


How do I shorten link clocks?
All link watches need to be adjusted to fit your particular wrist.
We recommend that you visit a watch retailer and ask them to help you shorten the strap.
Please note that Mockberg does not cover that cost.
If you want to do it yourself, you can buy a shortening tool here:

How do I replace the battery on my watch?
Changing the battery can be a complicated procedure and we recommend that it be performed by a certified watchmaker. They can solve a battery change quickly, without damaging the watch and you also usually get both a pressure test and the right battery for your particular watch. Carrying out the replacement yourself may damage the movement and is not covered by the warranty. If you don't have a local watchmaker, you can instead use an online watchmaker, for example

Do Mockberg's jewelry or watches cause a nickel allergy?
No, but if you are very allergic, we do not recommend you to buy any metal jewelry.

How do you take care of your Mockberg jewellery?
Read more about it here

I'm an Influencer, who do I send my collaboration request to?
Contact us here and we'll make sure you end up with the right person.

Can I buy watch bands to match my watch?
Yes, you can order bands on our website under the category watch bands.
If you do not know which band fits your watch, you are welcome to ask us. We have updated the designs over the years, if you have an older watch you may therefore need a special strap.

I haven't received my order within the delivery time?
Contact us here, don't forget your order number.