Interview with Cherrie


Everything Cherrie does comes from the heart. Whether it's standing on a stage and singing in front of thousands of fans, participating in So Much Better or designing jewelry. In this interview, she talks about the thoughts and purpose behind the collection that she dedicates to her fellow sisters.

Where did you get the inspiration for the collection?

This collection represents the sisterhood in community, the eternal feminine from The motherland. What together has inspired me to become the woman I am today. I come from a long line of strong African women, who have often fought for themselves and their sisters. It was important that it was conveyed not only in the collection but also in the details around it. That's why it's me and my little sister who front the pictures. It's about strength and vulnerability. Knowing who you are and being proud of it together with other women who relate to what we are trying to convey. And that we do it together with the founder of Mockberg who also has the same values.

My stylist, who is also my Creative Director Jawhanna Berglund has been involved in designing the collection. Above all, it is about sisterhood and community in the eternal feminine "womanhood and the motherland" and that is why it is also inspired by my ancestry. For example, we have a series in the collection called ALKEBU-LAN Series which is the original name for Africa. I have also named some of the jewelry after, for example, my best friend, as well as after songs I have written.

How did you come up with the names of all the jewelry?

Overall, it is the feeling / tone of the collection that has determined the name choice. It is, for example, a ring, a pair of earrings and a bracelet that has the original name of Africa, which is bold. Then we have some jewelry that my stylist / creative director has had to decide. She is also a black woman but with a completely different background. Together we started from what the jewelery looked like, we looked at old African writings / art and linked it with the sisterhood and what I have done in my career so far with names like Araweelo, Nag-Nool, Sherihan etc.

How does it feel to launch your own jewelery collection?

Launching your own jewelry collection is powerful. I am proud that I have managed to break many glass ceilings in music. Which is twice as difficult if you are a woman and even more difficult if you are a black woman. Being able to do it together with brands that you believe in and that you respect is powerful, and by now it has become extremely important for me to be able to do it together with girls who have similar backgrounds and values. That together we can inspire and strengthen each other in this way. It's like releasing an album but in a different way, and I love the feeling of having something new to work with that I also know has a genuine purpose. Then I also feel honored to do so!

If you had to pick three favorites from the collection, which ones would they be?

Mhm .. I think the ALKEBU-LAN ring, the ALKEBU-LAN bracelet and the Sherihan ring that has my symbol in it. I also love Iman Chooker who is very special. So it's a little hard to choose

A few last words about co-operation?

I really hope that my collaboration with Mockberg is long-lasting and that we can make more collections together. I long until everyone can see what we have been working on.

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